• After the treatment it is advisable to put leeches in a glass container, cover it with thick cloth or with a lid (no need to make the holes), the jar should be half filled with settled water so that clean leeches can stick to the walls;
  • It is better to keep leeches in a cool place (in the refrigerator: at t=0-5 C), where they can hibernate, it allows them to live without nutrition up to 5 months;
  • Change the water in the jar when you notice turbidity, but not less than once every 3 days, try not to change the water temperature. Of course, water should be settled (without clorine);
  • It is recommended that each family member has his or her own jar of leeches. Avoid applying the same leeches to different people, however, it is better to apply the same leeches to the same person, because leech produces immunity to it’s “owner” and “selects” a special salivary glands secretion for every person;
  • Each family member should take care of his or her own leeches, change water, clean the jar, because leeches can feel their owner’s mood and his or her attitude;
  • Before carrying out a leech treatment it is better to put leeches in a "warm" place (at room temperature) for 40 minutes;
  • After every treatment, "used" leeches need to stay in the "quarantine" (in a separate jar) for about a day, then you can put them in the same jar with “hungry” ones;
  • To determine if the leeches are ready put a hand inside the jar with leeches and wiggle your fingers. If leeches rush to the hand, then it's time to feed them.

After the course of treatment, you can keep the leeches for further use, if the leeches have served their time, disposal should be done in compliance with all the medical instrumentthatwas exposed to bloodoperation regulations. Pour 96% alcohol in the jar (or any other strong antiseptic (e.g., chlorine)) for up to 12 hours; then they can be thrown away in a trash container.